What is The Psychometrics Forum

The Psychometrics Forum aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of Psychometrics and their best use. As a Forum, we provide a space where users and constructors of tests can be introduced to new tools, and discuss issues relevant to the use of psychometrics in the modern workplace. We provide a resource of psychometric knowledge for members, their employers and clients. We strive to uphold the highest standards in ethical and best practice test usage.

The Forum does not make a judgement about the psychometric properties of tests presented, rather the purpose of meetings is to discuss developments in Psychometric testing with others working in a similar field.

As our members are well acquainted with test usage and in some cases, many psychometric tools, we are able to offer speakers a knowledgeable audience and stimulating debate. In return, if presenting information relating to a test, we ask speakers to be able to provide some technical material relating to reliability, validity and psychometric value, for discussion.

Typically, our members are involved in all aspects of maximising human potential. The Psychometrics Forum is open to anyone who use or has some interest in psychometric tests; they may be self-employed independent consultants, or be directly employed within organisations.

Member benefits include reduced rates on test training; regular invitations to meetings, tailored to those working in the psychometrics field; access to informed debate; and a program of events reflecting current issues in Psychometrics.  See Benefits.  Meetings are friendly but with a business focus.

Disclaimer:  The Psychometrics Forum does not confer any status or value on tests presented. Presentation of tests at a Forum meeting should not be taken to mean that those instruments have any more or less validity, reliability or psychometric utility than others available in the market.

Recent Events

New Frontiers Seminar, Tuesday 28th November 2017
This event was sold out and received excellent reviews, see Previous Topics and Speakers for further information.

Hugh McCredie 28-11-17 Rainer Kurz 28-11-17Nigel Guenole 28-11-17James Bywater 28-11-17

Dr Hugh McCredie, Rainer Kurz, Dr Nigel Guenole and James Bywater presenting at TPF's New Frontiers

The Psychometrics Forum Excellence in Psychometrics Award

November 2017 

Aiden Loe TPF Award (1)

The 2017 award was presented to Aiden Loe

Aiden based his poster presentation on his research topic: 'Automating the Generation of 3D Rotational Items and Modelling Item Difficulty using Item Response Theory.'  He divided this into five areas 1) Automatic Item Generation (AIG) 2) Data Collection and Procedures 3) Data Analysis 4) Results and 5) Discussion and Research Contributions.



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