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  • Thursday 16th May

  • Tuesday 24th September

  • Thursday 28th November - New Frontiers Seminar and Networking event

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Thursday 16th May 2019 at The Naval Club, 38 Hill Street, Mayfair, London W1J 5NS


The topic of this event is:  Re-thinking personality and the way it is measured  

Most personality assessment in an organisational setting involves the use of self-report questionnaires which assume an underlying stable and enduring personality that can be accurately measured by individuals answering questions about themselves. One of the main criticisms levelled at self-report questionnaires is that they are particularly susceptible to faking and social desirability, especially in high-stakes situations such as recruitment. Whilst one of our sessions will attempt to address this criticism by sharing their work on creating a task-based method for assessing The Big Five personality constructs our other session will argue that personality changes over time with work being a significant factor in shaping that adaptive change.


Alan Howard – Director, MOSAIC Tasks and TK Wu - Business Psychologist, MOSAIC Tasks 

Alan and TK will be presenting an alternative to personality questionnaires following their papers at the most recent ABP and BPS DOP conferences. Utilising recent advances in technology, personality assessment can be revolutionised so that one no longer needs to rely solely on questionnaires, which routinely suffer from distortion such as social desirability responding (Birkeland et al 2006). The alternative approach – Objective Personality Tasks or OPTs – builds on the research of Cattell (e.g. Cattell and Warburton 1967). OPT s rely on

measuring task performance – but it is the way people complete each task, rather than how well they do on it, that reveals their personality traits. Participants are unaware of which aspects of their personality are being assessed. The tasks are typically short e.g. 5-12 minutes, completed online and resemble puzzles or challenges that are applicable to all ages and levels of seniority.

Alan and TK will present the results of MOSAIC’s ongoing research into the validation of multiple OPTs in a sample of 200 participants using self-report ratings of personality and biodata.


Winnie Frimpong & Sasha Arabadji - Aston Business Assessments (ABA)

Winne and Sasha will focus on the ABA People Development Dynamics (PDD) model. The model outlines how development happens through the interactions people have with their work environment and is the foundation for how ABA approach people development at work.They will also cover how the use of assessment can help facilitate the development process and how the PDD model shapes ABA’s approach to the design and use of their assessment tools and reports.

Sasha and Winnie are both consultant work psychologists working for Aston Business Assessments headed by Prof. Steve Woods. They joined ABA soon after completing their MSc in Occupational Psychology at Surrey Business School and have been working to develop and grow ABA across a variety of activities including, but not limited to: ABA client services, new product development, designing and delivering training programmes and managing the ABA Trait Online assessment platforms.

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Previous Events:

Wednesday 6th March

Topic: Assessment and Development Centres, Practice and Research

Speakers: From left to right: Mike Murray, Principal Consultant, PSI Talent Measurement; Dr Chris Dewberry, Reader in Psychology at the Department of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck and Philippa Riley, Director of Global Assessment Products, PSI Talent Management

Speakers TPF 6th March EventAs leading practitioners involved in the process of designing and delivering assessment & development centres, Mike and Philippa introduced the session by outlining how to engineer assessment centres in accordance with the BPS recommendations for what would be best practice based on ISO standards.  In the afternoon session Chris Dewberry, an eminent authority on the development of BPS standards framing the design and delivery of assessment centres, fascinated the audience with the depth and detail of his investigations into assessment metrics as well as his findings obtained from the latest research on measuring competencies.

These distinguished presenters were able to provide effective answers to some very challenging questions from our members, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and receiving extremely positive feedback from all participants involved.  In the words of one senior psychologist:  "It was a truly excellent meeting. I was captivated by its style and content throughout: a rare experience these days!".

See below for further information on our speakers:


Philippa Riley, Director of Global Assessment Products, PSI Talent Management, is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, who has been working in the assessment arena for over 10 years, with a particular focus on developing and delivering behavioural assessments including online Assessment Centres.  Her team at PSI is responsible for PSI’s Virtual Assessment Centre platform, VirtualAC, as well as the AC-EXS range of ready-to-use assessment centre exercises. Philippa is a committee member of the UK-ACG, a special interest group focused on the promotion of Assessment Centres in the UK.




MikeMurrayPSIMike Murray, Principal Consultant, PSI Talent Measurement, is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, who has been working in the assessment space for 18 years, consulting across a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors.  During this time, Mike has delivered Assessment Centre projects in over 50 countries, for both assessment and development purposes. In this capacity he has experienced a wide variety of different contexts, cultures and client challenges.





ChrisDewberryBirkbeckDr Chris Dewberry, Reader in Psychology at the Department of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, began his career at University College London, where he completed a PhD on social categorization and stereotyping. He is the author of Statistical Methods for Organizational Research and has published numerous journal articles.  His current research is concerned with the measurement of competencies, decision-making, and the causes of, and remedies for, student dropout.  His work on competencies with Dr Duncan Jackson and Dr George Michaelidies has led to the first ever unconfounded estimate of the extent to which competencies are reliably measured in assessment centres.




New Frontiers Seminar, 28th November 2018:

Topics and Speakers:

A Practitioner’s View of Game-Based Assessments

Ben Williams New Frontiers 2018



Ben Williams, Founder and MD of Sten10

Ben provided an introduction to the world of Game-based assessment (GBA), from the point of view    of a practitioner navigating their way through the various options and sharing some ideas of how to make an informed choice about when and if to use them.








Engineering for Equality: how behavioural and data science can make recruitment smarter, fairer and easier 

Kate Glazebrook



Kate Glazebrook, CEO and Co-Founder of Applied

Kate spoke about her early work in the Behavioural Insights Team advising the UK government, and how that led to the creation of Applied, which seeks to use nudge and evidence-based design to reduce the bias in recruitment decisions.








AI Versus Traditional Assessments: accuracy, ethics and practical implications 

Kiki and Gema New Frontiers 2018


Dr Kiki Leutner, Head of Science Game Based Assessments and Dr Gema Ruiz de Huydobro, Business Psychologist, I-O Psychology Consultant, Hirevue

Can AI help us create better assessments of intelligence, competencies, and personality? Research suggests algorithms can accurately detect personality traits based on observed behaviour. There is increasing evidence that video and game based assessments are accurate alternatives for traditional structured interviews and IQ tests. New assessment technologies are gaining ground in applied practice.  Kiki and Gema discussed what is possible, what is ethical, and what precautions need to be taken before adapting AI based assessment solutions.



Exploring the Inter-Section between Technology and Coaching

Alex Popa-Antohi New Frontiers 2018



Alexandru Popa-Antohi, Group Leadership Development Manager for Vodaphone Group

Alexandru spoke about his work supporting leaders’ development in Vodafone, recent use-cases and experiments that explore the intersection between technology and coaching, and how the profession might advance with the use of disruptive technologies, including AI or VR/AR.









New Frontiers Seminar, Tuesday 28th November 2017

This event was sold out and received excellent reviews, see Previous Topics and Speakers for further information.

 Hugh McCredie 28-11-17 Rainer Kurz 28-11-17Nigel Guenole 28-11-17James Bywater 28-11-17 (2)






Dr Hugh McCredie, Rainer Kurz, Dr Nigel Guenole and James Bywater presenting at TPF's New Frontiers

The Psychometrics Forum Excellence in Psychometrics Award 

The 2017 award was presented to Aiden Loe

Aiden Loe TPF Award 2

Aiden is a Computational Behavioural Scientist, currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Cambridge.  He is an active member of The Psychometric Centre, interested in modelling latent factors in psychological questionnaires (personality, affective, ability etc.) using IRT and MIRT. Models.  He specialises in using the R programming language.  His PhD is developing Automated Computer Adaptive Testing (A-CAT) for cognitive tests.  Currently, he is developing the Athan framework to provide a login system for psychological tests.  (Taken from University of Cambridge Psychometric Centre website).

Aiden presented his winning research poster on the following subject: 'Automating the Generation of 3D Rotational Items and Modelling Item Difficulty using Item Response Theory.'  He divided this into five areas 1) Automatic Item Generation (AIG) 2) Data Collection and Procedures 3) Data Analysis 4) Results and 5) Discussion and Research Contributions.

The judges were very impressed with Aiden's subject matter, the way he had approached his research and the presentation  of material.  Aiden addressed very relevant issues for online tests through AIG - how to maintain the integrity of test items and reduce compromised results.  Whilst some of the material was mathematically challenging, Aiden's written presentation was well laid out, so that points were made with clarity.  The poster presentation made after Aiden received his TPF Excellence in Psychometrics Award certificate, was articulate and accessible.  Aiden successfully fielded a number of questions after his talk and the audience agreed that he was a very worthy winner.



The Psychometric Forum's Excellence in Psychometrics Award Winners and Presentation - November 2016


It was with great pleasure that our Chair, Xanthy Kallis presented the award of 1st Place to Sophie Ward and Dr Gail Steptoe-Warren, Faculty of Health and Life Science, Coventry University.

'Development and Initial Validation of a Situational Judgement Test to Assess Operational Preparedness in Tactical Incident Commanders within a UK Fire and Rescue Service'


Lamin Kinteh and colleagues at Zyvo

'Zyvo Adaptive Personality Questionnaire - Power to Predict a novel approach to measuring personality and predicting job performance'.


Ben Williams & Emma Rees, Sten10 Assessment Design

Poster Presentation Topic: 'Inspiration Quotient Measure'


November 2015 - The Psychometrics Forum Excellence in Psychometrics MSc Award 

In November 2015, we celebrated our first award ceremony.  This award was open to early researchers eg MSc and PhD students who are working in the field of psychometrics.  

Anthony Thompson, of Coventry University, won the prize.  


MSc Award Ceremomy 

Anthony seen here receiving the prize from TPF Chair Xanthy Kallis


A highlight of The Psychometric Forum’s 2015 Christmas networking event was Rob Bailey’s ‘Magic Show’.  Many of the Forum know Rob from his work as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and TPF events.  However, it might come as a surprise that in his spare time, Rob uses his skills as a both a psychologist and magician to entertain and amuse as the 'Psychic Psychologist'.  He is a member of the Magic Circle and has been seen at many venues, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  His show was very entertaining, as well as enlightening and we now see him in a completely different light!


 Rob Bailey 'The Psychic Psychologist'


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