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The Psychometrics Forum Training Offers 2018

We have new training offers for members of The Psychometrics Forum, which are shown below together with the existing offers. To benefit from the special discounts, you have to be a member of TPF.

If you decide that you would like to take up one or more of the offers, or would like further information about the assessments, please get in contact with Caro Leitzell, TPF’s administrator: tel no. 01962 880920; or email

Caro will verify your membership and give you the discount code, which you will need when booking a place.  If you are not a member, and would like to join, the membership form can be found on TPF’s website here: Membership Page


  • AQR International: Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ48).  This is a new offer following Doug Strycharczyk’s presentation at TPF’s event on 8th March.  The online training programme to become a Licensed User of MTQ48 is available to TPF members at a discounted price of £260 + VAT, 20% less than the normal price of £325 + VAT.  Visit here for more information.

  • Saville Assessment: Saville Assessment have offered our members a 50% discount on their Wave Transfer course. The course is designed to introduce Wave to participants who are already qualified to the standard of BPS Test User: Occupational Personality (Level B /TUOP training). This course can either be completed through face-to-face learning or virtually through Saville Assessment’s online Distance Learning route. With the 50% discount, the cost to our members is £250 + VAT. Click here for more information on the course and for dates of the face-to-face sessions.

  • TEAM FOCUS - MTR-i.  For the training day on 2nd July, members of The Psychometrics Forum are offered a 75% discount at £95 + VAT, normally £395 + VAT to qualify in the use of the Managing Team Roles (MTR-i) questionnaire, part of the Team Focus Type Mapping system.  This workshop is for Type practitioners who want to combine better, quicker, more effective exploration of Type. You will gain access to the Type Mapping system, an integrated set of Type-based questionnaires which shines a light to help with performance and satisfaction and provides an invaluable source of information for executive coaching, management development and team dynamics. Click here for more information on the course and here for the Team Focus Website. Once you have your discount code, book a place by contacting Team Focus direct on +44 (0) 16278 637338, or e-mail :

  • Type Pro Certification Programme – this is a blended learning programme over 6 weeks that combines e-learning, video content and live webinars plus practical feedback to give you a grounding in Type Theory which will allow you to understand and access a number of type tools once completed. This is a new programme offered by Angelina Bennet and Gareth English (both ex-OPP and although this doesn’t offer you access to MBTI it does grant access to other leading type tools and gives you a thorough understanding of type theory. The course usually costs £1700 but our members qualify for a 40% discount and can access the course for £1000. There is a course planned for September, but if there’s enough interest from forum members a course will be run sooner. Contact Caro to register your interest and confirm your membership code. You can find out more on their website

Further offers available for members with the discount code:


  • HOGREFE is pleased to offer TPF members 20% discount on selected assessment training courses, including:

             NEO-PI-3 (NEO Personality Inventory) training 

             Implicitly (unconscious bias test) training

             LJI (Leadership Judgement Indicator) training

             TUOA/TUOP (Occupational Ability & Personality) training

    To see more details and register your interest, visit  To make a booking call 01865 797920, or e-mail and mention the Psychometrics Forum 20% discount offer and give the discount code.

  • JCA - EIP, Leadership Climate and Personality Type Profile.  A new schedule of training events is about to be announced, so please keep checking for the latest deals. Go to JCA's for more information. 

  • OPP - MBTI 'How To' - Are you trained in MBTI Step 1?  If so, OPP are offering you the chance to participate in their 'How To' courses at 50% of the usual rate.  Click Here to view the OPP website for details and course dates.

  • PSYSOFT - EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence and Pearman Personality Integrator assessments. Psysoft is pleased to offer members of The Psychometrics Forum a 20% discount on certification in 2018. To take advantage of this offer, please call Psysoft direct on 01403 295000, or email at to find out more or book a place, once you have received the discount code.  Full details are available on their website, or see the attached flyer.

  • PSYTECH UK - offer places to members to attend their Combined  Occupational Test Users Courses, verified to EFPA Standards [formerly BPS Level A and B].  Please visit their website for full details of the qualifications available. If you are interested please call Lorraine at Psytech on 01525 720003, or if preferred, email

  • TMS Development International (TMSDI) - Team Management Profile (TMP) – Save 25% on Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile. Click TMP Information to read about the Team Management Profile on the TMSDI website and here to find out about accreditation dates. Contact TMSDI for more details on: 01904 464515, or e-mail

We are currently in negotiation with a number of providers to secure training discounts for our members and will announce the details as soon as they have been confirmed. Look out for updates on:

  • Business Cognition Ltd – Alan Robertson gave a presentation last year on working with teams using his assessment tool Voiceprint. He offered a very generous discount to those who had attended the event to a training session which was taking place the following week and we are hoping to also secure a continuing discount for our members. To find out more about Voiceprint here


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